Dracut-initqueue[1094] after trying to boot install qubes

PC Pavellion
During trying to boot with qubes usb, do turn my pc into qubes, i end up with this warning:
Dracut-initqueue[1094]: Warning: dracut initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts

I am not sure what to do.
Other people have a different [#] and different errors than mine.

Here is what i have so far.

I search around the shell and found a dracut script the screenshots are in the link below:

So far i did blkid and compared with the drocat script contents but idk

Please wait till the dracut-initqueue timeout finishes.
You will enter into emergency shell.
Can you confirm if you can enter into emergency shell?
If yes you can find what’s causing the dracut timeout in the logs.

How did you write iso to your usb pendrive? Did you try both legacy & uefi? Check this doc for more info.

Qubes Installation Troubleshooting

i did get to the shell and i posted the images of what inside looks like in the reply above yours.

I used Rufus like the qubes installation instructions asked to write it to a 256 gb usb drive.

I am not sure what you mean by legacy vs uefi.

I will look at logs and post a picture.

Var log was empty so i used ‘dmesg’
I am not sure what to look at or what to ‘grep’ for.

Check the log in /run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt file for err of fail strings.

Did you use DD mode?
Installation troubleshooting | Qubes OS

  • Change the method you used to write your ISO to a USB key: Some people use the dd command (recommended), others use tools like Rufus, balenaEtcher or the GNOME Disk Utility. If installation fails after using one tool, try a different one. For example, if you are facing trouble installing Qubes after writing the ISO using Rufus, then try using other tools like balenaEtcher or the dd command. In case the boot partition is not set to “active” after copying the ISO, you can use some other tool like gparted on a Linux system to activate it.

Installation troubleshooting | Qubes OS

That log file doesnt exist.

Also i reflssh the usb and made sure dd was chosen.

I am still getting stuck.

So i rebooted and chose the “test media and install” option.

It got stuck again.

Does the media fail meam anything?

Maybe the ISO that you’ve downloaded is corrupted? Did you verify the ISO hash after download?
Verifying signatures | Qubes OS

Note: Using Rufus to create the installation medium means that you won’t be able to choose the “Test this media and install Qubes OS” option mentioned in the example below. Instead, choose the “Install Qubes OS” option.

Installation guide | Qubes OS
Consider relaxing installation medium validation check to accommodate Windows · Issue #2051 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

The log file in /run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt should be available when you enter console after dracut-initqueue timeout:

I did verify the hash.

I also had to disable secure boot in the bios section.
Because when it on i got a invalid signiture. Maybe there is a way to change the original signiture to the qubes signature. (A little side tracked)

I am going to start a different question because i am getting different errors now. I see log files so i will put those up. Or should i continue here?

You can just continue here if these are the errors you get when trying to boot the installer.

Okay so just to update on the situation:

  1. I am doing this because i want to install qubes 4.1. But was testing to see if I can boot the iso on a windows.

  2. I am going to just upgrade the current qubes os of another device.