Downstream IP Spoofing

Is it possible to make a VM do down stream IP Spoofing?

What do you mean by downstream IP spoofing?

Having a virtual machine that can spoof the IP of the VM example lets say the ip that that sys-firwall gives is and I want to change that to Does that make more sense?

I’m not sure :thinking:

But, if you want to change the IP of a qube, its netvm will block the traffic.

Each qube creates a dedicated network interface in their netvm, and the netvm has firewall rules to block IP traffic on each qube interface that doesn’t belong to that qube, so they can’t interfere with each other.

So I cant do that? Like spoof the IP of a qube?

If you mean something like this:

            <--- qube1 IP assigned automatically
            <--- qube2 IP assigned automatically, but you've changed the IP to inside qube2

Then network in qube2 won’t work.

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So It wouldn’t be possible then well then okay I whats curious