Dot files in template home directory?


If I want to configure an application in multiple qubes, where can I put the config files (i.d., dot files [0]) in the template so that I can configure it once and have the changes in every qube based on that template? Is this where bind-dirs[1] come in?

As an example, I would like to have my standard emacs configurations automaticly present in every qube I base on my debian template.

If I understand Qubes correctly, the app qubes won’t receive a copy of template’s home directory—only the root file structure, but they have a separate home directory. Do I need to configure each app qube’s applications separately, or can I do so in their template?

Thanks in advance if you happen to have time to answer!

[0] What exactly are dot files? how do you guys save and recreate your setup automatically? - #2 by codydaig

[1] How to make any file persistent (bind-dirs) | Qubes OS

Put the files in /etc/skel.


Thanks, @aronowski, for your quick reply! I wasn’t familiar with /etc/skel (I guess it shows how even as a long-time Debian user, I’ve still got plenty to learn), but you response helped me uncover other useful posts such as this one, Simple set-up of new qubes and software - #12 by Sven.


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