Donation via EU bank transfer

I would like to send the QubesOS project some money. Is there a reasonable chance that you would offer a direct EU-based IBAN on Donate to Qubes | Qubes OS ( :heavy_check_mark: read) ?

A 10% fee for the provided EU IBAN is kind of unreasonable. For donations I do not need anonymity and credit cards or paypal are almost as frivolous as M$.

Or let me rephrase: how much fee does Qubes OS - Open Collective and the credit card provider charge you?


Thank you for your questions and for your interest in donating to the project! I asked the team about this. Still waiting for a final, authoritative answer, but here’s the initial response:

We list Open Collective costs on the donation page, near the top. This is not a “transfer fee,” but rather the cost of handling the donation and related accounting. Some of this cost is associated with Open Collective acting as a “fiscal host,” which, according to our understanding, is like providing a charitable organization to which people can donate. (That’s for US donations. CCT serves this function for EU donations.) ITL can accept donations directly (as a virtual Qubes development service), but handling this also costs some money (more or less a constant amount per donation), and for smaller donations, it’s significantly more than 10%. The break-even point is probably around five thousand euros, but we’re waiting for confirmation on that figure.

Then I guess I’ll use the German IBAN at the GLS bank if you can’t offer a developer’s home country based IBAN. Sounds like there is a good chance for tax-deductibleness which kind of makes up their fees.

Sorry, I shouldn’t have taken this speed reading course as I only have one eye. The costs are almost hidden in plain sight :face_with_peeking_eye: :wink::

With credit card donations, we lose roughly 14% to administrative costs, while donating cryptocurrency…

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Any update on IBAN donations?

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I haven’t received any further responses yet. Let me ping again.


Any update? :thinking:

legacy finance be like :grimacing: :scream: :weary: :sob:

I still never received a response, sorry. :confused:

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