Donation via alt coins

I have read your Ways to donate.

  • open collective looks like a nice and simple solution to me.

  • Credit cards sounds like the worst solution “With credit card donations, we lose roughly 14% to administrative costs.”

  • Bitcoin donation is the best donation option but I don’t have bitcoin and buying bitcoins just for donating is also not that straight forward…

I would love to setup a monthly donation but I would prefer alt coins. Are there any plans or solutions in future to support more than just Bitcoin? … some coins that also support privacy (like Monero…), anonymity (like BAT, with auto-contribute already as a default feature), onion networks (LOKI…). … just a few example without opening a crypto rabbit hole. The issue I would like to stress is: How to make small but regular donations and combine this with FOSS or privacy projects to support both parties without fiat.

Just to avoid any misinterpretation, I do not looking for solutions to bypass tax only service fees and complexity.

Thanks for your willingness to donate! We’ve received this request in the past, and we continue to consider it.

For bitcoin, we have a decentralized multi-signature system that ensures two important properties:

  • No single person can spend funds.
  • If some people are unavailable or lose access to their keys, we won’t be locked out.

Further details:

We’ve investigated how we could accomplish this with other cryptocurrencies, such as Monero, and the short version is that it looks like it would be way more complex and time-consuming to the point of being prohibitive.

(In general, this will be the deciding factor for any other cryptocurrency. There’s also the overhead of having to deal with a bunch of different cryptocurrencies, even if we have a good system for each one.)

However, if anyone can point us to a feasible way to accomplish this, please let us know!

Why not have a notice on the screen when someone donates indicating something like: “Please consider adding 15% to cover administrative costs, thank you.” I add 1% more because there may be extra hidden costs and a symmetric figure is easier to calculate in the head.

I think our existing statement about the overhead cost is sufficient. Asking users to make up for it with a larger donation seems a bit heavy-handed.

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is there a way to donate anonymously ?