DomUs take much longer to start at boot

I have noticed a week ago that my DomUs take atleast 3-4 minutes longer to start at system boot, I have no idea why this is happening, even mirage-firewall takes 2 minutes to start.

When using qubes.skip_autostart and starting them manually using qvm-start, they start fine.

EDIT: systemd-analyze inside the DomUs shows about 25 seconds of start time when manually started, but show 1-2 minutes when autostarted.

I am using a WD Green 2.5 SSD with BTRFS on Qubes OS 4.2.

Is it for manually started qube or for qube autostarted at boot?
You can also get the services startup plot using this command:

sudo systemd-analyze plot > startup_order.svg

And then open startup_order.svg in browser to see which service take most of the time.

systemd-journal-flush takes 2 minutes, I’ll try cleaning my journal files and test again.

Do you have any errors in the journalctl of the qube that was autostarted at boot?
I guess the systemd-journal-flush service is exiting after timeout instead of finishing successfully.
systemd-journal-flush is set to timeout after 90 seconds.

You can also try to flush the journal in the template of your qubes:

sudo journalctl --flush

Solved by clearing out old systemd logs.