Dom0 updated to 4.1.2. Now cannot mount cifs

I was about to ask a long, involved question about this, but I found the answer. I’ll share it, in case it ends up being useful to someone else.

Early on Friday 22 July (US mountain time zone time, which is UTC-6 at this time of year), dom0 showed as needing updates, which I did. [EDIT: So did some of my debian-11 templates.]

[EDIT: NO, not dom0. The debian qubes in which I had cifs support installed, however, also had orange sun updates. Thus it was a debian update that caused this.]

After doing so I was no longer able to mount cifs from my NAS. It turns out I needed to put “vers=3.0” in the list of parameters after -o in the mount command (e.g., -o uid=1000,gid=1000,vers=3.0). Vers 3.1 won’t work, and I am inferring that this latest update included 3.1, but my NAS (which is totally off the internet) hasn’t been updated and 3.0 is the last thing it has.

Anyway, if anyone runs into this, that’s what to do, specify vers=3.0 in your mount command.

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You are using cifs from inside dom0?

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No…I’m not. Yikes!!! I could see your eyebrows bounce off the ceiling. But I wasn’t thinking clearly–from what I said you had every reason to think that!

Now that you mention it, it must have been the template updates yesterday that did this to me. I did rebuild two out of the three affected templates, and figured THAT had nothing to do with it. But then I remember THEY (all three of them) all had orange star updates too!

Good catch, I will edit the original post.