Dom0 sys firewall sys whonix takes max mem

xentop shows me that my dom0 uses a bit more than 4gigs of memory from a maxmem of almost the same number… it’s like 25% of my entire computer’s memory…
when I run the top command I don’t see anything that takes so much memory and in fact I can see that it says that a little bit more than 1gb is used…
it does say tho I have some kind of swap of 4gigs but it has the same amount free and yet 2.3gig is available… I don’t get the logic of this at all

sys firewall and whonix also take 25% of my entire memory just being there without me doing anything with them… not even connected to internet… like wtf

Dom0 has fixed memory without balancing.
Regarding memory usage by the qubes - it’s how Xen memory ballooning works:

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Ah… thank!
I have another question please… does this also mean that this ballooning thing will also increase memory of the appVM even above their limit? like if I have an appVM with max mem of 1gb and I do some high demanding operation within it but I have plenty of ram available in general… would xen give that appVM additional memory or will it ignore it?

No, it won’t have more memory than max mem assigned to it.

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Thank you!