Dom0 spamming screenshots on startup

Laptop: Lenovo Thinkpad t440p
OS version: 4.1

Recently replaced the keyboard on my t440p.
Keyboard works, but now whenever i boot up (after logging in), about 50 screenshot notifications pop up.
Specifically, I am getting the screenshot pop-up associated with the xfce4-screenshooter program in dom0. This xfce4-screenshooter pop-up is DIFFERENT than the pop-up i get when i press PrtSc.

Tried re-installing the old keyboard and I still get the 50 screenshot pop-ups.
Something obviously broke. Where do i look in dom0 for clues, and does anyone have any tips on how to solve this issue?

Appreciate any help,

First is your keyboard layout and region accurate?

What is the difference between the two notifications? Can you post the text?

Are actual screenshots made (~/Pictures)?

Please review your ~/.config/autostart directory … what’s in there?

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It might also be worth checking the “Application Autostart” tab in “Session and Startup”: