Dom0 reboots after HVM with pci-passthrough starts

I am trying to attach an Nvidia GPU to an AppVM. I am able to attach the device using qvm-pci attach --persistent ... but when I start the VM, dom0 (and the whole system) reboots.

I’ve also included --option no-strict-reset=yes and gotten the same result.

There seems to be some other issues floating around related to PCI passthrough preventing AppVMs from starting, but I haven’t seen anything about it causing dom0 to reboot.

There doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary in the dom0 system journal. Where else should I start looking to figure out what’s going on?

Is the nvidia gpu also being used for dom0 for display? If not what gpu is dom0 using?

Card is not attached to anything initially. Dom0 is using the CPU’s graphics for display.

Are you using a laptop or desktop?

With laptops, the dGPU and iGPU are intertwined in a way that usually makes it impossible to assign the dGPU to a VM.

In addition, Xen pass through for nvidia tends to work poorly or not at all vs amd/Radeon.

I am using a desktop. Cards are 1070Ti and CPU is 9th gen Intel i7.

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