Dom0 notifications missing after R4.2 upgrade

I’ve just upgraded to R4.2 and am working through a few different issues. One on which I have no lead: notifications in dom0 are entirely missing. These are notifications that I’ve never setup, they just worked out of the box.

Examples of such notifications that are now missing:

  • when copying or pasting text to the global clipboard
  • when attaching devices to a usb
  • there might be others that I’m forgetting…

How do I get these notifications back?

I am using i3wm, in case that matters.

It does.
Create a dbus service in dom0 to get it working:


[D-BUS Service]

Logout/log back in and then test with notify-send test

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Works great, thank you! I don’t remember having to do that in R4.1, but that was a long time ago. I’ve added some notes to myself so I don’t forget in future upgrades

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