Dom0 crashes during "Restore Qubes from Backup" operation

Hi @NOP I get an error message trying to reply to your original thread (it just disappeared?):

In the middle of the operation the entire system freezes. No mouse movement, keyboard input ignored, xentop freezes, the only thing I can do is power cycle.

I have already tried this twice, and it’s reproducible. I am assuming it is hanging in the exact same spot during the backup operation, however I have not timed the operation.

What can I do to troubleshoot the issue? Are there logs I could check? I would really like to have this feature work…

When using the 5.4 kernel I experience similar seemingly random hangs and crashes, especially when running restore (verify). Someone here suggested going to the 4.19 kernel and ever since I cannot reproduce those issues.

There is no telling if that is what you are experiencing, but you could try.

sudo qubes-dom0-update kernel-419

Then when booting, select the 4.19 kernel.

Bumping so @sven can reply via email.

I see this thread (I have started it). It’s the original that vanished – how?

Hi Sven,

Is there a good way to gather data on the crashes?

If xen or dom0 “crashes” does it create a log that can be accessed after a power cycle?


Don’t know.