Dom0 Clock Time Server

Which NTP server does QubesOS use to synchronize timezone information?

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Seems that the default is systemd-timesyncd in sys-net, configured wtih the default (built-in) Fedora NTP servers: {0,1,2,3}

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Is it possible to change the default NTP server?

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Sure you can change! From man timesyncd.conf, in /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf add:

The following settings are configured in the [Time] section:

       A space-separated list of NTP server host names or IP addresses. During runtime this list is combined with
       any per-interface NTP servers acquired from systemd-networkd.service(8).  systemd-timesyncd will contact
       all configured system or per-interface servers in turn, until one responds. When the empty string is
       assigned, the list of NTP servers is reset, and all prior assignments will have no effect. This setting
       defaults to an empty list.
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