Does username matter?

If I make a unique username, who sees that? Can people see my qubes username over a network for example?


The username you create during setup. I’m sure I recall reading somewhere it could be used to identify you

It’s your dom0 user.

Right, so doesn’t matter in terms of privacy / anonymity since dom0 isn’t connected to internet?

Great thanks for clearing that up

I still think that most probably it would be more beneficial for the user to answer himself (next question would be where that user is created during setup), since he missed to ask this question himself prior to posting here (and then most probably he would already knew the answer), which could lead us think that Qubes’ basic concept is missed then.
So I will kindly suggest to (re)read this (again?) before it would be too late to go back.

Yes, it doesn’t matter, the default user in domUs is called user.

If you happened to leak your username it would be user regardless of what you picked during the installation.

People looking at your screensaver