Does RAM speed and timings matter?


Unsurprisingly I need more RAM for my machine.

So I wanted to ask if higher speed and tighter timings make a difference for Qubes? Say 32GB of DDR4 3200MHz CL16 or is that overkill?

EDIT: Does ECC make a difference?

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Nobody knows? Should I ask somewhere else?

Also, I suspect you should change your user name.

You don’t say what system you have at the moment, or what problems you
have with it, so it’s hard to give advice.
In my experience I don’t see a significant difference between RAM speeds.

Get the best SSD you can, then ramp up the RAM to whatever best suits
your system.

It can allegedly help with row hammer attacks.

I’m just asking in general.

What about timings?

The same
I suppose it depends on what range of RAM your motherboard will
support. On the machines I usually work with, it’s not a critical
factor, but the range is not great.