Does QubesOS support T440p with i7-4980HQ?

Lately, I’ve been looking for information on upgrading and modifying my T440p and I came across this interesting video on Youtube.
Chinese i7-4980HQ in Thinkpad T440p – Worth it?

Thermal performance issues aside, I wonder if QubesOS would actually support a T440p installed with that beast of a CPU.

Has anyone ever tried it?

It has VT-x and VT-d, per Ark (, so I don’t see why it would be any different from any other processor of that generation in the hardware.

In general, within a generation of processor (and assuming compatible features), the OS doesn’t care about the particular model number, or even core/thread count. The processor reports these to the OS, and it does the right thing. So, support-wise, any 4000 series Intel CPU should be the same as any other (I’m sure there’s some weird corner cases, but they’re corner cases for a reason).