Does qubes 4.1 support

I am wondering if qubes 4.1 support “PCIe bifurcation”?

My goal is too…
Have dom0 not see it (pcie slot where this card is) or have access to it and I can use this card as internal storage…

My server MOBO supports pcie bifurcation 3.0

This pcie card has (4) M.2 nvme slots. Which is on a 16x slot 75w

This is my thinking is this…

-Find this pcie slot (somehow) that host this pcie card and pass it over to a specific AppVm. I will call “storage”

The plan would be…
-Build this AppVm “storage”
-set it to “auto start” when I start my qubes os. (My thinking is that when qubes start it would automatically attach this card to the AppVm when it starts along with qubes. Thus then removing it from dom0, protecting dom0)

  • in devices of this AppVm “storage” somehow find this pcie slot that host this M.2 nvme card and pass it through.

Am I making any sense to anyone?
Or does someone else have a better way to approach this?