Does Qubes 4.1 not use all the Main Processor Cores?

I seem to recall seeing something to that effect, to prevent things like Row-hammer.

I guess I was not sure of the documentation in terms of Qubes 4.1 versus other possible configurations, so I thought I would ask. The note I recall was about interleaving of Core, which I guess also means interleaving of RAM. Also, what about, main processor having its own channels directly to RAM, rather than riding the Bus. Does Qubes 4.1 utilize this?

If I was purchasing a laptop, that offered several different Main Processor Cores, I would not want to purchase more than I could effectively use and be secure.

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You might be thinking of hyperthreading being disabled due to Meltdown and Sepctre.

So, if I buy a Four Core computer, it will use all four cores in CPU, but not interleaving, which might make it like eight cores?

Hi @catacombs,

all the answers are here :

Thank you for the answers.

I was concerned with where Qubes 4.1 was headed in terms of possibly limiting hardware.

I think enabling SMP is used for multiple cores. I see SMT is a term for hyper threading. Never knew abbreviation SMT before.

I knew what documentation said of 4.0.4. Yes, there are lots of things I do not know.