Does anyone know of a good manual for using qubes-builderv2?

I’m looking to start building custom ISOs for Qubes, and this is my first venture into such a thing. I have no experience with this, and the README on GitHub is hard to follow. I don’t mind starting elsewhere first if this is more complex than it looks; I just want to reinstall a more streamlined and minimal (read: everything I need, but only what I need), and to have that as my backup ISO. I do need to run it securely, preferably using the mentioned Qubes executor.

Does anyone know where I can get a straightforward explanation and/or manual on how to do this?

There is a salt config to set up the build environment but it could be outdated and may require to be updated to the current qubes-builderv2 setup process :

May come in handy:


Lots of essential detail in that that doesn’t seem to be anywhere else.

The related Videos include Q&A session


qubes-builderv2 may be one component of Qubes where an Arch Linux-style wiki page would be appropriate. A place for users to share usage patterns and tool gotchas and to reference current outstanding issues. New issues will probably/surely always be popping up given the great number of moving-target dependencies.

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As far as Qubes goes, it’s no doubt an awesome project, but documentation is severely lacking. (I’m not emptily complaining; I plan on contributing to them after some time here to get to know the community.)

I think that an Arch-style wiki (along with the official docs) would be about the best way Qubes could handle documentation—unless it is abused. But if the community guides are anything to go off of, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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It currently is. Start with individual packages rather than a whole build. If people are making their own ISOs right now, I think they must be using custom configs.

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