Do I need manually update Electrum wallet pre-installed in Qubes and another few qustions about Electrum

It has outdated version but since it’s not Tor Browser it means that you can’t just update it in its app qube, right? You can only in template. Then how it usually should to be done? I have to wait until its update appear in another update package in Qubes updater or do I need to update it manually in terminal, using update electrum-wallet or something?
And because of some reason it doesn’t change its language and theme. I changed language into Russian (which is supported in Electrum wallet) and expected that it will switch to it after restart but this didn’t happen. Changed its theme to dark and this didn’t switch too. Restarting of its qube didn’t help either. I thought maybe it needs internet access to download some language and theme packs, but internet access changed nothing. Other settings are preserved.

Did you make these changes in the Template? If yes, the App qube may not see the changes: Inheritance and persistence.

Yes, it should usually be updated in the Template, unless it affects the file in the user directory.

I guess you should follow the instructions from the app.

No, I did it in app qube.

If I update Electrum the way it is updated in regular OSes, then this update will be gone when I restart qube, unless this update is saved in home directory like it is with Tor Browser. OK, I will try.

So I checked. The default way to update Electrum is to download last version as appimage file from official site. I mean it’s the official Electrum developers’ method for all Linux systems. But the Question is: What is the official policy of Qubes developers on this subject? If they added Electrum as pre-installed wallet this means that they had to provide some official method of how to update it. Because this wallet is pre-INSTALLED, so this is not just appimage file that can be used as working application. At least, as I remember, this is how it usually works with Electrum on Linuxes. You just download appimage file and whether unpack it or use as it is. But if Qubes developers pre-installed it they meant it should have to be somehow updated. Otherwise it’s nonsense to give to user pre-installed version and then make him to download appimage, when pre-installed version is outdated, and use it as executable file instead of pre-installed version. There should be some more logical way of how they meant Electrum should be updated in their Qubes OS. I don’t have to delete the old version every time and install a new one? It doesn’t make sense.

As far as I know, the Qubes developers don’t have an official policy regarding Electrum or its installation. That is a separate piece of software that is not related to the Qubes OS Project. The Qubes developers don’t have a policy regarding every piece of software that could be installed in Qubes OS, since that would require having a policy regarding almost every piece of software in the world.

The Qubes developers did not add Electrum as a pre-installed wallet. Are you maybe thinking of the Whonix developers instead? I’m not sure if Electrum comes preinstalled in Whonix, but that’s my best guess as to what you might be referring to here.

Also, this inference doesn’t hold, because:

  1. A piece of software can come preinstalled as part of an upstream OS (e.g., Fedora or Debian), in which case it wouldn’t be the Qubes developers adding it.
  2. Even if the Qubes developers do deliberately preinstall a piece of software in an official template, it doesn’t follow that they must themselves provide some official method for updating it, since it’s likely that the software already has a preexisting official update method (e.g., via dnf or apt).
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