Do I have to update EC firmware before flashing Heads?

I’m using a T430 and need to externally flash Heads again. I’ve read somewhere else online that before flashing it is necessary to download and install the updated EC firmware (found here: BIOS Update (Utility & Bootable CD) for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (64-bit), 8.1, 8, 7 (32-bit), XP - ThinkPad T430, T430i - Lenovo Support US). This is because there is no way to do this update from anything other than the stock bios. However, this time I won’t be able to do that without a new motherboard or bios chips. Can anyone confirm that this step is even necessary? I see from the Lenovo website that the firmware update fixes a vulnerability, but when I view the file to be flashed for Heads the filesize is 12MB, so it seems that the EC update would be overwritten anyway. Can anyone confirm one way or the other? I will be flashing Heads onto an empty bios chip.

EC is not on BIOS chip.
You should update the EC firmware - it wont be affected by anything you
do to the BIOS.

You don’t need to update EC if you don’t want to. Heads will work fine regardless. Flashed two t430 laptops without flashing EC and they work great. Keep a backup of the original bios just in case you want to flash EC in the future.

Undoubtedly Heads will work, but (as OP said) EC upgrades are to address
issues and flaws in the original programming - it seems foolish not to
apply them.
I always upgrade EC, applying any patches I want, before flashing.
You can run the update tool at any time - reflash if the BIOS is
overwritten (almost certainly yes.)

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