DNS issue when using VPN over TOR with dedicated VPN Proxy


I’m not sure if it is Qubes or Whonix related issue. The issue is the following: I’m following the Qubes-vpn-support guide and packages to create a VPN Proxy. It is working fine if i’m just using it without sys-whonix. But if i create another VPN proxy where the netVM is sys-whonix there is an issue and i can’t connect to my VPN service. I try to achive a random connection using my VPN service. To make it work i’ve downloaded the config file with TCP protocol, 443 port, choosing Europe as continent. If i download a config file i have to change inside the config file the line starting with remote:
remote myvpn.service.europe.com to remote myvpn.service.europe.all.com. So i have to add the word “all” after the word “europe” . This way the VPN service will randomly drop me on one of their european server. And if i use this modified config file, it is not able to connect (it is connecting if the Proxy’s netVM is not sys-whonix). If i use the config file with the original remote line, it is connecting. The myvpn.service.europe.com
returns exactly to one address, while myvpn.service.europe.all.com returns to more than 100 addresses. Can anybody help me how could i make the modified config file to work with this setup (VPN over TOR)?

Thanks any help!