Dnf clean all (cacher or updater?)

For a year or so (f38 and now with f39), it’s practically impossible to update Fedora templates via Qubes updater. So, I have to do it manually, starting each template, running clean all (infamous zchunk errors) and then running dnf update/upgrade --refresh.

Am I the only one? Any hints?

I’m using cacher, if it wasn’t obvious from the error mentioned.

I do not use this updater app, too. In my case, because it was lacking basic thing: a scrollbar on the list of qubes for updates. So, the window was bigger (taller) than desktop size and I had no access to GUI buttons. Even more rediculous thing is that on github it was was even debated if such bug should to be fixed or not. So, I decided against using this tool completely.

I am using a self-made script in dom0 to run updates in all the templates that I need and shut them down automatically. It works in terminal, so I see all the output from both dom0 and the updated qube.

Do you use cacher? Do you use dnf clean all? Do you have zchunk errors?

Mine too. Ridiculous.

Even more ridiculous. The fact of debating a basic functionality nukes me to discuss the approach on a separate topic.


No, I use something like:
sudo dnf -y update --exclude=<my pwn list of problematic packages> && halt

A simplified version of the script that I use:


cmd='sudo dnf -y update && halt'

for vm in "${vms[@]}"; do
    echo ''
    echo '------------------------------------------'
    echo "Run in qube: ${vm}"
    echo '------------------------------------------'
    qvm-run --pass-io "${vm}" "${cmd}"
    echo '------------------------------------------'
    echo ''
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I use a cacher qube and the updater GUI. It took weeks of troubleshooting but I think I got it mostly working for my Fedora templates. Usually one Fedora template fails to update during an update attempt, but the remaining succeed.

Three of my Fedora templates did fail during the R4.2 upgrade so I had to manually update them.

I’ll try to remember to compare my current setup to the cacher documentation tomorrow.