DispVM Printer Setup

I have installed a .deb package (the proprietary printer driver from Vendor) and it was listed in the XTerm terminal that i have opened in the DispVM-Template. Now it shows Error 127 in Dom0 Terminal if i try to start the Terminal of the DispVM-Template. One time it worked. Now only the Disposable Terminal works, also i have checked if the Disposable Terminal lists the installed printer driver, it doesn’t… Can someone please help me out :grimacing:
I checked if it installed the package, it listed the driver installed under dpkg -l (only Template Terminal, i found one entry in the dpkg -l in the dispvm that said: …skipping… - what does this mean?)
However it seemed that it stopped at 80% before under the installation process and showed Error 13, permission denied. I dont know what that means, maybe someone here can help me out.