Disposible Sys-Net VM - Forgets Password?

I followed the rules carefully in the wonderful manual for Qubes and managed to make a Disposable Sys-Net VM. I even got it working perfectly. Wonderful work this Operating System is!

But, then I realized that the internet password was not being remembered. I realize this is less secure to leave it in there.

But I’d like to have a Disposable Sys-Net VM with a password setup for a designated internet connection.

I know, it’s doing what its supposed to. It’s deleting it self after each use.

What I want to know is how I can just add those credentials so that when it does rebuild it self it will already have that login information?

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The disposableVM is based on a template.
Put the credentials in to the DisposableVM Template?


This should solve it. @QubesStudent437 the sys-net should be based on an AppVM (maybe sys-net-dvm). Whenever your disposable one starts it is in the exact same state as when you shut down your sys-net-dvm. So by saving a password on the sys-net-dvm all disposableVMs based on that will include it. You can read more about persistence and inheritance here.


:smiley: Ahh! Thank you!

P.S. Wanted to mark you both for the solution. :smiley: I dunno how but I marked you unman cause you wrote first. :smiley: Thank you both again. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, although I dont see any of this fancy marking stuff.

For some context @unman, people who use the forum though the web UI do see at the bottom of the first post a link to the solution. But it makes it much easier for others to solve issues.

No need for you to pay attention to this. Whenever you provide a solution, someone will step in and mark that for you.

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