Disposable VM questions

Hello I had a question about the DVM’s when a DVM gets comprimised it is noted here How to use disposables | Qubes OS any disposable based on that disposable template becomes compromised. A logic move would be to completely wipe the default-dvm template but it says that a DVM selfs destructs when closed so what do I do when a DVM template becomes compromised. Do I delete it and make a new one? Or do not delete the DVM template because it self destructs. Im rather confused on what to do when compromised on DVM’s

Disposable template is AppVM and not DispVM itself, so whne you shutdown disposable template then all changes that should persist for AppVM will persist for it. Disposable template won’t self destruct, only DispVMs based on it will self destruct.
If disposable template becomes compromised then delete it and create a new one.

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So if I get it correct any changes to Disposable Template should persist such as the default-dvm but when I for example open a link with “Open in disposable” that is a disposable and if that becomes compromised I can just close it and I don’t have to delete my Disposable Template (default-dvm) and create a new one, and a disposable is just an AppVM


No, you are conflating disposables and disposable templates.

Disposables are based on disposable templates. Disposables self-destruct. Disposable templates do not.


No, it’s disposable templates that are just app qubes (with the “disposable template” option enabled in settings).