Disposable VM confusion

Hi, I’m confused. When I installed the new whonix 16 templates I noticed it didn’t give me a new ws16 disp vm. I still had the 15. So I changed the name from 15 to 16 and it created one. Was this the correct thing to do?

Also, I wanted to make my anon-whonix vm a disposable… So everytime I opened it it would be a brand new VM. So I went into advanced and check marked “disposable vm template”. Does this make it a disposable? Every time I start it it creates a disp xxxx VM. I read on whonix that you should never run tor browser in a disp vm template so I’m just confused. Also what do I put for default disposable vm template? I think I had it on whonix 16 dvm.

no, you have to change the disp template it based

no, you should create a disp vm from it

I suggest reading and following this (especially the Whonix doc links therein):

I changed the template AND the name.

So I’m still confused. When I checked the box in anon-whonix under advanced “disposable vm template” it then showed up in my app list at the top as a disposable right next to the other disp vm’s. My anon-whonix settings were: syswhonix network / template ws 16. Everytime I lauched tor browser from it it started a disp xxxx vm. The default disposablevm template was whonix 16 dvm. So is this wrong? Was I using a template everytime I used anon whonix or what?

according to the documentation, disposable template is having same persistence properties as appvm

I don’t think you are confused, but some replies may be confusing you.

You have done things right.
You created a new qube using the 16 WS template.
You made that in to a disposable template, and the menu entry uses that
template to launch disposables.
This is what you wanted.

The only thing that can be confusing is that disposables are backed by
two templates - the qube that is the disposable template, and the
template that that qube uses.
But you seem to have managed this process fine.

Appreciate the response. Okay let me make sure I get it.

  1. When you have any AppVM and you select the “disposable vm template” box that qube now becomes a template to create disposables. So when I did that to anon-whonix that became a template and any app I launched from it was a disposablevm. Does each one of these disposables launched from anon-whonix totally different than the one before? Like different tor circuit etc?

  2. The “default disposable vm template” means that any disposable launched from my anon-whonix will be that template?

  3. If I have an appvm and it isn’t a disposable template is it okay to have the “default disposable vm template” set to none?

  4. I got frustrated and re installed my Qubes. I noticed when I installed the new ws-16 / gw-16 it didn’t give me a whonix-ws-16-dvm. I still have just the ws-15 one. I changed the template to ws-16 but the “default disposablevm template” doesn’t show ws-16 as an option. Only ws-15 and fedora 32. What’s up with this?