Disposable templates after switching to fedora 38

I followed the instructions at this webpage for switching my template.
I installed the fedora 38 template from the qube os site.

Templates | Qubes OS.
The Switching → #2 tells you to use the Qube Manager to base the current disposable template to the new template. But I saw no menus (by right clicking or otherwise) that would let me switch to a new template.

I changed the templates using Qube Template Manager for the regular appVMs.
How do i create the disposable template.

I also noticed that sys-firewall, sys-net and sys-usb are based on the diposable templates. Is this the recommended approach ?

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It works for me:

During Qubes OS installation you had a choice to create sys-* qubes as standard AppVMs or as named disposable VMs. By default it’ll create sys-* qubes as disposables.
Also how to update diposable templates if you’re using USB keyboard/mouse:

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