Disposable sys-net Wifi Login Password Save

I just tried to make my disposable sys-net remember my WiFi password. Embarrassingly, it took me hours of fiddling to actually get it to work. I first tried to follow the below instructions by sven but couldn’t get “Network Manager” to show up in the tray. I tried to use the nmcli tool and it complained about not network-manager not existing or some bull. I then opened up the qube settings for the dvm template and clicked on the services tab. I selected “network manager” and then hoped for the best. Still no beans. I then restarted the computer and the pci devices were not set up like I had them before the reboot. Odd. The restart must have reset something, so I fixed the pci allocations and then booted the dvm template. I then got the network manager tray icon and set my wifi password. I moved the pci devices back to normal and booted my sys-net. sys-net grabbed onto my WiFi like greased lightning and connected automatically. Nice.

Had problems after reboot again. Device name seems to increment when going from the dvm template to sys-net. Checked sys-net for the device name it was using, then booted the dvm template as is (Still with no pci devices attached) and set the device name under “edit connections” to what it said in sys-net. Rebooted sys-net and it works like a charm (Hopefully for the last time). Even got it working in a minimal template.

Not really an organized guide, but you get the gist of it.

I recall once reading somewhere that machines are supposed to make people’s lives easier, not harder. So the “Embarrassingly” part should NOT fall on you, but on the devs who made you waste hours of your life. :slight_smile:

Qubes is mega secure- but the slight problem is that nothing works so you have to do things yourself that may make it less secure. Heavy drinking and/or drug use should be recommended in the docs to help people cope with the config headaches that qubes gives every single user lol.

A side effect of all the trial and error is learning how stuff works. Setting up dvms were always a bit of a mystery. I have now mastered them and have all of my sys-nets (besides whonix) as disposables based on minimal templates. I love that this os is free and does so much for me. It really has made my life better.

A couple of drinks along the way makes life better too. :slight_smile:

Back on the subject of WiFi: Under connection properties for the WiFi, I had to basically clone the wireless connection and set the device to wls6 on one and wls7 on the other. It’s odd, I think the wireless card grabs either name at random.