Display/Set RAM Allotted to VMs in Qubes Manager

Is it possible to display a column for RAM allotted to each VMs in the Qubes Manager main screen? If yes how can it be implemented?
Also how to know what amount of the RAM allotted is being utilized in the VM?
Is there a faster way to change allotted RAM compared to Open Qubes Manager (this step is still OK) > Click qube VM and Open settings > Click Advanced > Change entry > Apply settings?

xentop can tell you the amount of memory allocated to each vm, but I think you need use something like free -h inside the VM to see how much of the memory is actually used by the vm.

Thanks that is one good solution for finding out how much RAM is being utilized. I didn’t know it.

Even the qubes applet (qubes domain, view and manage running domains) in the taskbar corner shows it.

I am hoping for some enhancements in the qubes manager screen.

I was unaware of xentop, thanks!

It looks like it only shows running qubes, though (which would be consistent with its name).

I can well imagine someone wanting a tabular display of this settting (max and/or starting memory) for all qubes, not just running ones. And likewise for other parameters that appear in the settings window.

Ideally one would be able to select which columns to display in the Qubes Manager, similar to Thundar in list mode. I realize that’s likely a lot of work, so I am not going to hold my breath.

Maximise multiple VMs running side by side, minimize wastage of memory merely because of allocation. It allows to fix memory to a VM before particular activity: say only 2GB for browsing, and 3GB for browsing+additional applications. Also it is so cumbersome to check all and fix if you have many VMs.

If asking for gui additions is a bit too much, maybe create a launcher code on desktop that asks qube name and memory to allocate before startup of a qube?

Qube Manager used to show this information.
There’s an open ticket about restoring it to the Manager.(#7817)

But the last comment from marmarta was:

It’s not well known that you can use any qube property as output in
You can use qvm-ls -O NAME,maxmem,MEMORY to show max allocated and
current use of memory - although I’m not convinced that last works as
I use a quick mix of qvm-ls and qvm-prefs to generate data for review -
(you cant use “memory” in qvm-ls because it’s already allocated.)

Of course - qvm-prefs QUBE memory, and qvm-prefs QUBE maxmem

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