Discourse Agressively Truncates Quotes (replying via email)

My previous post is missing the first line

“From my point of view, VPNs and also Tor are used by a lot of folks”

@deeplow … that line unintentionally started with a " " (space).
Discourse appears to be unreasonably aggressive about pruning quotes in
email replies, can this be dialed back a bit? My post are frequently
mutilated or missing quotes / examples.

Not sure. Will have to investigate. I know there are some settings.

Also, as far as I’m aware the reply trimmer’s code is the following. Maybe you can find the problematic pattern there and address it upstream:

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@Sven I’ve checked the settings and I don’t see any option I can tweak to make this easier for you. Perhaps starting a discussion on discourse meta is the best solution. Something like this one:

Thanks for checking!

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