Discord voice chat changing keyboard layout

im using qubes with kde and if i start my social media qube and open discord (the flatpak discord), everything would be fine.
but the weird thing is, every time if im joining a voice channel my keyboard layout is changing from qwertz to qwerty.
did anyone expect the same? the only temporary solution for me is, that i would open a terminal and type in setxkbmap de but it isnt the same, because this is with deadkeys.
would be glad if anyone got an idea how im able to avoid this behavior.

What layout switch shortcut do you use?

none i guess? i checked my settings and didnt found a shortcut for it because i also thought at the beginning im doing it with a shortcut but there is none and i also never changed anything in the shortcuts.
i also checked now if im typing anything if im joining a voice channel but no… i wrote zzz in a channel then joined the voice channel and typed again z and it were a y.
so i dont know where and why this is happening.

but not only discord is affected about it, this keyboard layout is affecting the whole social media qube.
if im on multimedia qube or typing anything in dom0 terminal i still got the qwertz layout.
and i dont think so, that im able to change the keyboard layout for just one qube, am i?
thought till now keyboard layout is system wide?