Discord (snap) only works on TemplateVM

OS: R4.1
TemplateVM: fedora-35


I am trying to install Discord on my TemplateVM to use is on the personal AppVM.
So I installed snap on the TemplateVM without any problems or errors. Then I restarted it and installed Discord via Snap.

After refreshing applications it also shows in the App shortcuts (for both, AppVM and TemplateVM). So I shutdown template, removed sys-firewall internet access and added shortcut in personal AppVM.
But now when I try to start Discord, the AppVM boots and nothing further happens. No GUI loading or any error messages.

The weird thing about this is, that I am able to start Discord successfully in the TemplateVM and I am able to use it there (for example logging in and chatting).

I also tried to use debian-11 and also created a new AppVM. Both without success.

So basicly I have 2 questions:

  1. Does anyone have this issue too or is able to fix this? I have absolutely 0 clue why this happens.
  2. If it is not possible to fix this, should I use Discord via this TemplateVM? For this I need internet access for this, but isn´t this a huge security issue or can this be ignored? (Internet access provided via sys-firewall and not directly via sys-net for sure :D)

Thanks in advance! <3

in AppVM, Download tar.gz instead.

tar -xf discord.tar.gz
cd discord
chmod +x Discord

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Do all of the following in your AppVM (no net required in the template).

No. If it comes down to it you might as well turn it into a standalone and give it net… But with the method mentioned above it shouldn’t be necessary.

Update: alternatively you can install the deb package (from Discord’s website) in your template (however it may not receive updates). If you go this way, install libappindicator3-1 before.

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This works fine. But the Problem with this is, that you have to start it via terminal every time (or create a script that starts it automatically at boot) and you will not be able to start it by application shortcuts.

Thanks a mil! This helped me to get Discord working and it even creates a app shortcut while installing the snap in AppVM.
No I can use Discord on the AppVM and turn off internet for my templateVM! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

If you prefer the tar method, and the app shortcut is the only thing holding you back:

[user@appvm ~]$ mkdir -p /home/user/.local/share/applications
[user@appvm ~]$ cat <<EOF > /home/user/.local/share/applications/discord.desktop
[Desktop Entry]

This will make the shortcut available to the menu.
Make sure to replace /PATH/TO/Discord appropriately.

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Ahhhh thanks for this useful tip. Will keep that in mind.
I learn so much from the community here, I totally love it and hope one time - when I learned enough - I will be able to give this back <3

Now I will go back to my research and try to get my wifi stick and my onboard speakers working :smiley:

It looks like the fix above was only temporary.
All apps which were installed via snap do not launch when selecting the app in the appmenu.

I checked snap list command and all snaps seems to be working fine.

The weird thing about this is, I can start geforcenow-electron via command and it launches correctly. But not via the appmenu

Launching snap and flatpak apps are broken for the debian template for some reason

You can try launching snap via the appmenu on the Fedora template and it would work fine. I also got snap working just like in the docs with the Ubuntu template on qubes.3isec.org, but then audio isn’t working :frowning:

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I feel like this is not entirely true tbh
The reason is, because I am able to start Bitwarden - which is a snap too - from one AppVM, but I have absolutly now clue why GeforeNow and Discord are not working :smiley:

I have even seen that I have not setup the bind-dirs thingy for the AppVM which is holding Bitwarden, but it works anyways

And the “weirdness” continues, have removed Discord and then reinstalled it. After that it just works again even after restarting AppVM :smiley:

I’m not sure where the snaps .desktop files are located, but if the command works from cli, then you can create a new app shortcut in .local/share/applications accoording to the method I mentioned previously, except that instead of /PATH/TO/Discord, type the command to launch whatever app you need.