Disabling a qube's virtual display?

I have had some success with the Qubes GPU passthrough/gaming HVM guide,

…and managed to pass through the GPU to a template-based Linux HVM, then start a window manager / X server utilizing the GPU, which worked fine.

However, I would like to try installing the OS from scratch to a GPU passthrough-enabled HVM.
I enabled UEFI support for the VM through qvm-features.
The GPU works within the VM but only displays the boot screen, then once the OS boots, the screen simply goes blank (not dark), meanwhile the virtual display shows up in dom0, also blank, but moving the mouse around within the window displays the mouse cursor, although it is off.

I would like to try disabling the virtual display entirely so it doesn’t interfere with the GPU-enabled screen.
Is there an easy way to do that?

Try to set video-model feature to none:

qvm-features your-vm-name video-model none