Disable seamless mode for Windows 10 HVM

Before installing qubes-windows-tools

  • :slight_smile: Starting the Windows 10 VM would create a view of the Windows 10 desktop (in a window with red border).


  • :frowning_face: Starting the VM creates nothing visible. The VM would not create any view of the desktop.
    – In a terminal of dom0, I need to run qvm-start-gui --force-stubdomain <Windows 10 VM name> to see the desktop (#4342 mentioned this command).

  • :frowning_face: Running any Windows app (e.g. notepad) from the application menu of dom0 creates nothing visible. [This is because the qubes-window-tool doesn’t support seamless mode for Windows 10.]

What I want

  • :star: I would prefer to get a view of the Windoes 10 desktop automatically after starting the VM. That means to restore the behavior before installing qubes-windows-tools.

How to do that?