Difference between Fedora qube and Live OS

Hi there,

I am trying to understand if there is any security or privacy benefit to using a Fedora qube vs simply booting the Fedora as a live OS from a usb. Can anyone please tell me if there is any difference?

I understand that there would be a convenience benefit to use qubes if I am simultaneously running multiple qubes. However, I just need one for this task.

Please note: I have tried finding this in the docs, reddit and this forum to no avail

Thank you

How does Qubes OS compare to using a “live CD” OS?

A live system is monolithic, i.e., it has no compartmentalized networking (sys-net), USB (sys-usb), sound (sys-audio), graphics (sys-gui). Any successful attack on any of these components may result in Game over™, whereas Qubes should save you from that (assuming you use it correctly).

Concerning privacy, neither Fedora on Qubes, nor live Fedora can provide a reasonable privacy*, due to browser fingerprinting, see this and this.

*except if you are using Tor Browser, but Whonix also uses it and is generally more secure.

Perhaps relevant: Qubes VS Tails.

Less relevant: QubesOS vs OpenBSD Security.

See also why Whonix is better than a simple Tor Browser: Question about the whonix appvm & general security.