Developers are welcome! Need your help with your testing tool. Thank you

Developers are welcome! I’m willing to pay you 100$-150$ for this help. That’s how we show to each other mutual respect. I stuck on things for so long

@marmarek hello, I do need your developing testing tool where you can simulate whole installation process and find out exactly what happened in my case (in specific laptop) for have a real solution how to make Qubes work on my laptop (prefer step-by-step solution, for get it work for real).
I will really appreciate that :slight_smile:

In general, I have kind of similar issue:

Could you describe your problem first? What steps you did and what results you got?

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Hi Gue

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I’ll second the comment from @solene – it’s difficult (borderline impossible?) to suggest anything useful, base on a “kind of similar” description of your problem. :-/

  • Which version(s) of Qubes OS did you try to install?
  • At what point did you get something you didn’t expect?
  • Did you get any warnings before or after?
  • What hardware have you tried with?
  • Have you tied running Qubes OS before?
  • Have you tried other Linux distributions before?


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