Deploy Software Installs To Multiple Computers All At Once

Hey guys,

I was wondering if it was possible to install software/setup qubes OS on multiple systems at the same time? For example for a company which wants to have multiple computers setup the same way with Qubes installed without setting up every single pc manually. Similar to how it is possible on windows.

Much appreciated for any answers :slight_smile:

Puuhhhh, just can tell you, how I would do this, supposed every system have the very same SSD (or HDD) and devices inside.

Install Qubes on the first one and after the OS is setup and configured, do an image of the disk and put it on all other systems with ‘Disks’ and image reload.

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or make a qubes backup (much simpler)


It is not. When you restore all dom0 contents is restored in a dedicated folder. System configuration files and modifications in dom0 are not backed up at all unless you copied them into dom0 home prior to the backup.

With identical computers the imaging is clearly the fastest and simplest way.

With a more diverse range of machines the solution is likely setting up many salt formula and having them executed after installation.


If you encrypted the base install, I would not use imaging. Otherwise the passworkd and key for all laptops would be the same.

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thank you (i never tried qubes backup before since i can’t store them)

The most flexible way is probably to do this with a Salt recipe (since Salt has already become quite central in Qubes). You will need to write a set of Salt files for qubesctl to do the job from each or your Qubes machines’ dom0.

And you will need to install them into every machine’s dom0.

To go beyond would require knowing more about what you’re doing. You way want to do the tedious work of getting those files there manually. But if you expect that these customizations will evolve with time (and even if we don’t think about that initially, they usually do :wink: ), you’d be better off with replacing this manual task with (manually) installing an automated way of propagating future versions of those files. To leverage existing mechanisms (including authentication of what enters your dom0), this will involve packaging them in a RPM and referencing your custom yum repo in their dom0.

Now to replace that manual work on every such machine, you may want to build your own custom installation image to include that RPM.

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This is true, but the ease of imaging deployment far outweighs the
minor pain in running a script on first login to change user password
and disk password. This also gives user a sense of ownership of the
new machine.
(In a corporate environment it’s sometimes useful to have a common
disk key.)

Salt the initial configuration, and then clone the disks for deployment.
If you have a small number of machines, you might install the base
system, with salt formulae, and then salt each individually from a
caching proxy.
For speed of setup and deployment I would full install and clone.
Invest in a hardware duplicator if you are doing this at scale.


Thank you very much guys. I didn’t know that salt was already integraded into qubes. But I got a few ideas how to approach this now.

Cheers :slight_smile:

But changing the disk password won’t change the encryption key. It means that even if you wipe the key from the drive, you’re still going to be able to recover it from a different machine, since they all use the same key.

True enough, but in a corporate environment this is not an issue, and
that was what OP asked about.