Dell Lattitude E6420 Wireless Card Issue

The installation stalls at the network setup. I’m using a Dell Lattitude E6420.
From researching online, I assumed it was a driver issue with my Qulacom wirless card. And, I’m hesitant to get a different card because I’m not confident that there won’t be compatibility issues with that one as well.
I do see that the E6420 should work based on the hardware compatibility lists. And, it will install for me if I uncheck everything and go for a custom install. But:

I’m not at the point where I can do a custom install yet.
Just because the base setup can install, that doesn’t mean it wont fail again when I try to install the network manually.
So, I have 2 questions: 

 1.  Is there a workaround for my installation issue? 

 2.  Is there a Wireless card that I can purchase that is known to work consistently with Qubes and this laptop?


maybe this help Installation troubleshooting | Qubes OS

A FWIW here so you can maybe work thru this, I had trouble with a Qualcomm card after at least a year of successful use (Qubes) & after giving up (months of nothing, I could function with Ethernet till then) I switched over to a card based upon the Intel WiFi (not of course the latest edition - which you will need to watch out for since it is way too new to work well yet - steer clear of AX series until it becomes a better match). Look for things that support iwlwifi driver (something like a 7260 or 3168 or there are 8000 & 9000 series chipsets which may work ok) & your hardware (Dell BIOS may not accept but that is less likely in a newer model than it had used to be).

Hi ppc - yea, I had read through the installation troubleshooting. Unless I missed something, I couldn’t find info that could help my situation.

Hi kysstfafm - thanks for the info - I’ll have to look into your recommendations.


I’m just looking for solution of difference topic and I found something related to this wireless problem