Dell Latitude 5490

I have searched the forum and not found an answer. I have a laptop here which currently has Debian Linux on it. Ideally I’d want to use this laptop with QubesOS but it appears only UEFI boot works to boot operating systems. I can boot into legacy mode with secure boot off, but once QubesOS is installed I cannot boot legacy bios OS if this makese sense? Currently I’m using Debian’s UEFI loader to boot grub2 to load Debian. This is not ideal I’m just wondering has anyone had any experience with similar? I can add some screenshots of the laptop in question if needed.

Thanks in advance!

Could you provide more details here? Do you mean that Qubes fails to boot after installation?

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In the bios info screen it says it cannot boot legacy from internal HDD or SSD.

I’m no expert here, but could this be relevant?

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That’s excellent info I’ll give this another try and report back.

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