Dell keyboard - CAPS lock not working

I have an old Dell Latitude E6430 which runs qubes perfectly. I have had couple of these and with 16gb they run qubes beautifully. Until this glitch.

I did a fresh install of qubes 4.2 which was working perfectly except that, in haste I forgot to set the time. I buggerized around with it for a while trying to set the time but gave up and then re-installed it. It now works perfectly except that now the CAPS lock which has a little light to tell when CAPS are on has stopped working. It was working perfectly but not now. The rest of the backlit keyboard works fine but not the CAPS lock.

I have checked the bios but there doesn’t seem to be anything there only the backlit option which is working.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be causing this? I suppose that its possible that there is a coincidence that the keyboad has just become faulty in this respect but I’d like to see if there might be another reason before I replace the keyboard.

Thanks for reading.

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I wish they would sell keyboards with no caps lock at all.

And you’re complaining that it’s broken!

So I guess we’re not all alike :rofl:

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Thanks for the reply. No sure of its relevance as I wasn’t canvassing for people’s preferences.

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Does Caps Lock functions correctly and make all typed letters capital on toggle and just light is not working?
Maybe you’ve configured for Caps Lock to change keyboard layout? Try pressing Shift+Caps Lock.
You can try to boot from some Live OS to check the Caps Lock behavior there.

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Thanks for the reply. The CAPS works fine, it just doesn’t have the light on to tell me that CAP is operative. Shift/CAPS lock doesn’t make any difference.

Good tip on the live usb. I will see if I can do that tomorrow. Thanks

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You’re right it wasn’t relevant. I just found the irony amusing. Sorry.