Deleting fedora-32

I am still new to Qubes OS so please be easy on me.

I have installed Fedora-33, updated…everything worked like a charm as described in the HowTo´s.
Now while trying to delete Fedora-32 I am running into a problem.

I switched to Fedora-33 inside the Qubes Global Settings to
Default template: fedora-33 (current)
Default disposibleVM Template: fedora-33-dvm (current)

I wanted to delete the Fedora-32 cube, but I get a message:
“qubes sys-firewall uses this template”

I went to the single App VM´s and manually set / checked that in TAB “Basic” the
template is set to fedora-33.

sys-net and sys-firewall are greyed out, so I cannot change to template fedora-33.

so sys-net and sys-firewall are using still fedora-32 template.

What do I have to do, so both are using the new installed fedora-33 template?
Clone both cubes, rename them to sys-33 sys-firwall-33 and then go to TAB “Basic” and change the template to fedora-33 ?

Would this be to right way? Am I completely wrong?

Help is very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance !

shutdown all vm then try to change template to fedora-33

You’re on the right path. You need to swap out fedora-32 for fedora-33 on all qubes. If the option is greyed out it’s because you need to shut down that qube first (via the little “Q” on the top-right widgets corner).

The instructions on the announcement of the end of life for fedora 32 should explain all that.

Here’s the more efficient way to do it.

  1. install fedora 33
    dom0 (XFCE terminal): sudo dnf remove qubes-template-fedora-33
  2. shut down all qubes (or just the ones based on fedora-32), including sys-firewall and then sys-net.
  3. switch out all the the ones that are using fedora 32 for fedora 33.
  4. remove it:
    dom0 (XFCE terminal): sudo dnf remove qubes-template-fedora-32

A small copy/paste error here:

replace the above command with :

sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-fedora-33
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Thank you all for your help - it did work and now I am up to date !

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Fixed. Thanks for spotting