Delete ~/.config/xfce4?

In another thread I noted that I was having multiple troubles, most of which now, for some reason, have improved in that the frequency of their occurrence has dropped considerably. But I still have a persistent problem where the dom0 terminal opens on boot. It usually opens in workspace 3, but this morning it opened in ws 1.

Someone said that they had fixed the issue by deleting β€˜~/.config/xfce4’

I found this folder in dom0 but it has a lot of things in it. Is this safe to delete, and does anyone know if it will fix this issue?

Any help appreciated.

It’ll delete all of your XFCE-related configurations, such as cursor settings, etc., and will look like as if you just reinstalled Qubes again, minus details like the wallpaper and all that. You can also just copy the folder and reinstate it if something goes wrong, go for it!


Thanks for that reply. Seems pretty straightforward. Might be worth a go.