Default-dvm for DVM templates

Any custom DVM template → Settings → Advanced tab → Default disposable template is set to default-dvm.

For example:

  1. fedora-template-00 → default-dvm
  2. fedora-template-01 → sys-net-dvm → sys-net.
  3. fedora-template-02 → sys-firewall-dvm → sys-firewall

both, sys-net-dvm and sys-firewall-dvm share the same Default disposable template – default-dvm.

Help me to understand:

  1. Why there’s default-dvm for sys-net-dvm and sys-firewall-dvm? Or is that just a pointer for another DVM to use if needed within this DVM?
  2. If it’s not a pointer, then If fedora-template-00 is compromised then default-dvm is compromised, does that mean sys-net and sys-firewall are also compromised?
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