Default-dvm Cube and remembering browser data

Hello everyone,
I was surprised to discover that the Brave Browser remembers the last page called up in the default dvm.
So I have called up the forum here in the Brave browser in the default dvm. Then I closed the one-way cube. Then I restarted the entire system. Then started a new default dvm and it started immediately with the forum page.
What happened? I tried to read the documentation with a translator (English is not so good for me) and it says one-way cube. Why can it remember the last page I visited? That would completely defeat the purpose of a dvm. And yes, he called a different number than dvm.
Do I have a problem understanding what a dvm is?

When started, a disposableVM is called “dispX” where X is a number between 1 and 9999. If you use the template itself, then it will remember everything you do since the data is persistent. You have to make sure that you select the Brave Browser entry with “(dvm)” in it, otherwise you’ll use the template.

dvm is not a disposable but a disposable template. You need to run disposables based on it if you want them to be reset every reboot.

I think I have found what I was looking for.

I went (in version 4.2) down to Cubes, then to the template tab, then to default dvm where I called up the pages on the Internet.

Now every time I start default-dvm in APPVM, the pages I visited with the template start.

Okay, I have understood that.
However, this raises 2 questions,

  1. can I reset the dvm default template to its original state (like freshly installed without browser data)?
  2. question if I create a dvm on template of a default-dvm, then it opens no dispxxxx but just the dvm-APPVM. Is it still the same as if it creates a different dispxxxx each time?

It’s easier to just delete the old one and create a new one.

I don’t understand your question. Can you add more details so it’s easier to understand what did you do exactly step by step?

to my question:
so when I go to aps via default-dvm it opens a VM with the name dispXXXX.
However, if I create a new AppVM based on DisposableVM then I give it a name. And every time I start this VM, it does not start dispXXXX with changing numbers, but the VM I created with DisposableVM. Does it still start changing VMs (1-9999) in the background?

Now I’ve noticed another question, when I open my Qube Manager it says “default (default-dvm)” under Default DispVM for all except Whonix. I don’t understand that. Because my other VMs are not based on DisosableVM but are normal AppVMs.

Sorry if my questions sound like a beginner, I am…thanks for your time.

It’s not possible to create AppVM based on DisposableVM. You can only create AppVM based on TemplateVM.