Debian minimal based AppVMs freeze after suspend

Using R4.2 and kernel 6.6.21 I recently have the problem that if my screensaver kicks in, or the machine suspends, every AppVM that is based on a Debian 11 or Debian 12 minimal template becomes frozen. Any browsers or apps that were open become frozen. Nothing can be selected. Apps can be restarted, but they remain frozen. The only solution seems to be to completely restart the AppVM.

This also happens with Whonix Workstation (17) windows.

AppVMs based on full Debian or debian-xfce don’t have this problem. I don’t have any Fedora minimal based AppVMs to test, but normal Fedora template-based AppVMs have no issue.

Might this be an issue with the kernel? Or am I missing something in the minimal templates to allow them to recover after suspend?

If I boot Qubes and choose kernel 6.1.75-1 this problem goes away for the Debian minimal based AppVMs.

I’m running 6.6.21 with almost exclusively debian-minimal based qubes,
and dont see this issue at all: neither for screensaver nor suspend.
Not much help to you, I know

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