Debian FirefoxESR bookmarks stop working in the middle of the day

I am using debian firefoxESR, and after opening a bookmark, opening history, and opening one bookmark, I cannot operate the separated tabs of the bookmark from then on. Has this happened to anyone else? And how did you fix it?

Did you try to add more RAM to the VM?

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Thanks, I have added about 20GB of RAM for AppVM, but I still can’t operate the history window after opening one URL from the history. However, if I close the tab of the URL I opened from the history window, I can operate the history window again. It is possible if I use it in a creative way.

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Sounds like a focus bug.

I’ve met something similar before: NoScript XSS attack notification popped up when I was browsing using Torbrowser. Although I could move my mouse cursor over the buttons, clicking it just did nothing. Using Alt+Tab to switch focus between windows fixed this for me. If I switch focus to another application and then switch back to tbb, I can click at the Noscript pop-up.

It hasn’t happened recently though.

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