Debian appvm with zfs fails to start

Update: An appvm based on the debian-12-minimal template works fine: I’m able to start, restart, and access my zfs filesystem.

My goal is to have an appvm with zfs and ssh-server. I am using 4.2 rc3 with updates

A template based on debian-12-xfce with zfs installed starts and restarts without complaint.

I created a new appvm based on this template using the ‘Create New Qube’ system tool. I verified in the settings that the kernel is set to pvgrub2-pvh. The appvm fails to start with the error message ‘Cannot connect to qrexec agent for 60 seconds: …’

What appears to be the relevant part of the log seems to be that there is an error with libglib-2.0:
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] Starting .[0;1;39mqubes-gui-agent.service.[0m - Qubes GUI Agent…
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] Starting .[0;1;39mqubes-qrexec-agen…e.[0m - Qubes remote exec agent…
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] [.[0;32m OK .[0m] Started .[0;1;39mserial-getty@hvc0.service.[0m - Serial Getty on hvc0.
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] [.[0;32m OK .[0m] Reached target .[0;1;[0m - Login Prompts.
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] [.[0;32m OK .[0m] Started .[0;1;39mqubes-gui-agent.service.[0m - Qubes GUI Agent.
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] [.[0;32m OK .[0m] Started .[0;1;39mqubes-qrexec-agent…ice.[0m - Qubes remote exec agent.
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] [.[0;32m OK .[0m] Finished .[0;1;39mqubes-misc-post.s…0m - Qubes misc post-boot actions.
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] [.[0;32m OK .[0m] Started .[0;1;39mxendomains.service… Start/stop secondary xen domains.
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] [.[0;32m OK .[0m] Reached target .[0;1;[0m - Multi-User System.
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] Starting .[0;1;39msystemd-update-ut… Record Runlevel Change in UTMP…
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] [.[0;32m OK .[0m] Finished .[0;1;39msystemd-update-ut… - Record Runlevel Change in UTMP.
[2023-10-26 21:34:40] [ 5.654395] fbcon: Taking over console
[2023-10-26 21:34:41]
[2023-10-26 21:34:41] Debian GNU/Linux 12 zfs hvc0
[2023-10-26 21:34:41]
[2023-10-26 21:34:41] zfs login: [ 7.997875] show_signal: 13 callbacks suppressed
[2023-10-26 21:34:42] [ 7.997879] traps: light-locker[903] trap int3 ip:7115b93037d7 sp:7ffc0b9d3b70 error:0 in libgli[7115b92c5000+8d000]
[2023-10-26 21:34:51] [ 16.603372] systemd-journald[254]: Time jumped backwards, rotating.
[2023-10-26 21:44:48] Stopping .[0;1;39msession-c3.scope.[0m - Session c3 of User user…
[2023-10-26 21:44:48] [.[0;32m OK .[0m] Removed slice .[0;1;39msystem-modpr…lice.[0m - Slice /system/modprobe.
[2023-10-26 21:44:48] [.[0;32m OK .[0m] Stopped target .[0;1;[0m - Multi-User System.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Try to increase the initial memory for this appvm.

I increased from 400 M to 2000 M and get the same message.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Additional troubleshooting background:

From a fresh debian-12-xfce template:

An appvm created from template after installing distribution kernel in template starts and restarts without complaint

An appvm created from template after also installing dkms also starts and restarts.

An appvm created from template after also installing zfs doesn’t start


Starting with the debian-12-minimal update I am able to install the distribution kernel, dkms, and zfs.

An appvm created from the resulting minimal template starts and zfs works.

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