Debian 13 Trixie repositories are being tested by the testing team

For advanced users who are not a part of testing team.

Qubes repositories (NOT the templates) for Debian 13 Trixie have been available since end of March 2024… This is early stage of the tests performed on the new release. Those non-testing team members (like myself) who want to have some fun and have 1) enough spare time 2) enough bandwidth/data cap 3) storage space for cloning debian 12 templates 4) patience 5) some technical knowledge; Might want to give it a test. This guide should be sufficient. It should be performed only and ONLY on cloned Debian 12 templates and not the actual ones. Things might break at this stage. Also do not expect support or help on Github. But maybe if we can find something interesting, we could inform official testing members who might check this general part of the forum.

p.s. Also please use a mirror instead of the upstream to reduce load on the main server.

I have tested upgrades of cloned templates on my machine. But did not use them as servicevm templates. Nothing seams to be wrong at this point.

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