Debian-11, whonix-gw-16, and whonix-ws-16 not updating

On 4.1 for the past few days debian-11, whonix-gw-16, and whonix-ws-16 not updating though it worked fine earlier. Fedora-38 and dom0 are updating fine too. Error listed as “Failed to return clean data” for all three templates.

It’s probably this known bug:

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Yes, but in addition to debian-11 both whonix-gw-17 & whonix-ws-17 are impacted now.

Are you sure that you are currently using whonix-17? Since it’s based on bookworm, it shouldn’t be affected by this issue.

Apologies. whonix-16, not 17

Make sure to install the new salt package in fedora-38 and it will work again.

I changed template of default-mgmt-dvm to debian-11 and all updates work again.

Finally I remembered an earlier case, where the update succeeded from ‘Qube Manager’.
Updated 1st fedora-38 and 2nd whonix-gw-16 from ‘Qube Manager’, then without error.
‘Qubes Update’ then still asked to update whonix-gw-16. Let it run, which found packages are up to date and left a notification. default-mgmt-dvm is still fedora-38.